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Posted by: Pt. Ankit Shastri

Where is Mangal dosh puja in Ujjain?

Mangal Dosh Puja in Ujjain – A person is considered to be Manglik when Mars occupies the first, fourth, seventh, ninth, or twelfth positions in a person’s horoscope. When Mangal is situated in the Lagna House in a person’s horoscope, this is known as Mangalik Lagna Dosh. Manglik dosh causes a person to delay getting married and causes problems and arguments in his married life afterward. The harshest negative repercussions of Mangal Dosh are felt by the person’s marital life. One’s life is filled with challenges, and his marriage is not that successful. Mangal dosh must be eliminated or reduced in power if you want to avoid having your life destroyed. The cure for this flaw is that the person who is suffering from this dosh must perform mangal dosh puja Ujjain.

The Mangal dosh slows and creates barriers in the areas of the profession, business, and marriage while amplifying the unfavorable impacts of Mars. Through the blessings of planet Mars, the mangal Bhat pooja Ujjain promotes steadiness in a person’s personal and professional life. People who are affected negatively by Mars might possess a few bad qualities such as impulsiveness, being hasty, impatient, assertive, and unstable in their personal and professional life as well.

The planet Mars represents a strong drive, the willingness to take chances, ego, inspiration, self-confidence, and rapid acts as mentioned in Hindu Vedic Astrology. Lord Mangal, the heavenly God of War described in the Vedas, is in charge of the planet. People with Mangal Dosh are recommended to wait until they are at least 28 years old to get married since the negative effects are supposed to be little beyond that age.

Remedies for mangal dosh

Manglik Dosh can be treated with some of the following methods:

  • Invocations to Mangal Dev Every Tuesday, the following Mantra should be repeated during prayers to Mangal Dev: The salutation “Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namaha
  • Tuesday is the day that is dedicated to worshiping Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman by offering oil to them.
  • Put on the hues of Mars. Red is the color that is connected to Mars. It is advised to wear red or carry a red handkerchief with you to draw the Mars cosmic energy.
  • Try to Wear Rudraksha and gemstones; Red Coral is the gemstone that Mars rules over. It may be put on the right little finger and worn as a ring. A 6 Mukhi and a 14 Mukhi are suggested for rudraksha. Lord Kartikeya is the one that rules over Mukhi 6 and Lord Hanuman is the one who rules over Mukhi 14.
  • Tuesday is the only day when mangal yantras can be put in homes.

The benefits of mangal dosh puja

Mentioned below are the benefits of mangal dosh puja:

  • It helps to put an end to marriage delays and solve marital issues.
  • Once the Mangal dosh puja is performed it helps in bringing consistency to both the individual’s personal and professional lives.
  • The puja helps in protecting against the negative influences of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu planets.
  • It also helps in removing barriers to achievement in business, profession, and other areas in a person’s life.
  • For fame and fortune.
  • It encourages a person’s logical thinking and relaxes as well as calms the mind of a person.
  • It protects them from various harmful effects of the planet Mangal and wins his favor.
  • For stability and self-affirmation.
  • Once the mangal Bhatt pooja is performed it helps in Paying off debt if any.
  • It helps a person to work hard to fulfill their desires.
  • The puja brings optimism to one’s life and eliminates fears.
  • The mangal dosh pooja helps in Strengthening a person, resolving one’s problems, and gaining courage.

 Where is Mangal dosh puja in Ujjain performed?

To prevent the Mangal Dosh, the Mangal Bhaat Puja is held in Ujjain’s Mangalnath temple.

  • Bhaat worship leads to a happy and prosperous marital life after marriage.
  • The practice of having children takes shape.
  • Marriage and family life are free of problems.
  • Business growth, etc.

Therefore, everyone with Mangal Dosh in their Kundli, whether full or partial, should travel to Ujjain to formally worship Mangal Bhat before getting married. A particularly well-known temple for both Mangal Bhat Puja and Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja is the Mangal Nath Temple in Ujjain.

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