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Posted by: Pt. Ankit Shastri

Can Manglik dosha be removed after marriage?

If you have Mangal Dosh, you might feel that it’s difficult to find true love and get married in a happy life. But there are certain remedies and Puja (ritual) which can help you remove your Mangal Dosha after marriage by Ujjain Dosh Nivaran Sansthan. In today’s blog, we will discuss the mangal dosh puja ujjain and its benefits to removing Manglik dosha after marriage in upcoming blogs.

Is Mangal Dosha real in the first place?

Hindus believe that every human is born with three planetary energies called trigunas. Your horoscope or birth chart (Jyotish) is based on your trigunas, and they help predict if you’ll marry early or late, if you’re compatible with a particular person, and whether you should get married at all.

Mangal Dosha can be removed through Puja: Many single people want to find out if their Manglik dosha can be removed through Puja. Well, many kinds of Puja are performed in India for various reasons, so we must first understand why someone might perform a mangala samskara karne ka pujan (Puja to remove manglik dosh). This type of Puja is performed when an individual wish to get married, but their horoscope indicates they may have problems because of their manglik dosh.

What is Ujjain’s Mangal Dosha Poojan?

Ujjain is a holy city in Madhya Pradesh, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. People flock to Ujjain for various reasons like seeking good education for their children, success in business, prosperity, or career growth. There are temples dedicated to Goddess Kashi Vishweshwari and Lord Mahakaleshwar that people visit at least once a year during special occasions like Mahashivratri. Legend says that if you go there on Saturdays and start your day early with Mangla Aarti followed by breakfast, your miseries will vanish by evening. But what can you do if you have problems right now but don’t have time to go all the way there?

Is Manglik Dosha removed after Poojan (ritual)?

Famous mangal dosh puja ujjain is conducted at Shri Aagmanee Temple of Ujjain, and hundreds of people visit to get rid of mangal dosha. The birth star of a person is known as his/her nakshatra, and based on that, he/she can have one or more manglik doshas. Mangal dosh means being under a bad horoscope. Many types of manglik dosh cause problems in your married life, like mental tension between husband and wife, no children, extramarital affairs, etc. But after a holy religious ritual like Ujjian’s mangal pujan can one be rid of all such problems?

During various pujans in Hinduism, we come across many mantras and poojans performed by priests to invoke God’s blessings upon us. One such pooja performed during navratris is ujjain mangal dosh pujan. It has been seen that a lot of people visit ujjain during navratris to perform various poojans like mangala sutra pooja, saptapadi Puja, sindoor khelan, etc. Apart from these rituals, ujjain also witnesses many devotees visiting temples to perform special poojans related to removal of manglik dosha. Before we delve into how one can be freed from ‘manglik dosha’ through certain rituals, let us first understand what exactly manglik dosha is and why it poses such a threat to married couples.

Meaning of Manglik Dosha

In astrology, a person’s horoscope comprises nine planets (navagrahas), and each planet has its influence on our lives. The position of these planets at the time of one’s birth decides whether one will face any kind of problem in married life or not. These positions are classified according to three basic categories:

  • Kendra(first house),
  • Trikona(second house) and
  • Dashamsi(tenth house).

Based on these positions, if two planets occupy the same sign, it leads to the formation of a dashamsi yoga. When dashamsi yoga is formed between two malefic (bad) planets, then it results in the formation of manglik dosha. This means that two malefic planets occupy the same place in the horoscope, causing problems in married life.

The benefits of this pooja

The word Mangal comes from Mars, which is called mangala in Hindi. It is assumed that if a person has mars in their horoscope, one can avoid many problems by performing Mars pooja on Sundays to get rid of Mangal Dosha. One of these poojas can only be performed in Ujjain and is done with complete devotion and purity for both spouses. This pooja will not only solve your problem but also bring lots of prosperity into your life and make you enjoy happy married life forever.

However, there are some specific rituals followed while performing mangal dosh puja ujjain as follows-

  1. Both husband and wife should take a bath before starting Puja.
  2. On Sunday morning, before starting Puja both husband and wife should eat kheer made of wheat flour (chawal ka kheer).
  3. While starting Pujan garlands made up of tulsi leaves should be worn around necks by both husband and wife. 4) After wearing garlands, both husband and wife should do pranayam together.
  4. Then they should chant Hanuman Chalisa together.
  5. Both should sit facing each other without touching each other’s feet.
  6. They have to chant Gayatri Mantra together 108 times with concentration.
  7. After chanting Gayatri Mantra together 108 times, then they have to perform ‘Tilak’ on each other’s forehead using ghee mixed with vermillion powder (kumkum).
  8. They have to offer food items like fruits, sweets, etc…to each other sitting across each other’s lap after completing all the above steps.

Important points to keep in mind before going for the Poojan. While going for mangal bhat puja ujjain, you should also visit a priest who knows about horoscopes and Vedic astrology. An experienced person in such matters can ensure that you do not suffer from any problems in the future due to any bad effects of these doshas. Before starting mangal bhat puja ujjain, one must ensure that they have invited those Gods and Goddesses whose abode is on their birth star. These energies are supposed to bless them by removing all their malefic planets and improving their lives forever. Other than that, certain mantras must be chanted during pooja, keeping your spirits up even when faced with mangal dosh planets in your horoscope.

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